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A Thousand Secrets

A Thousand Secrets

“A thousand secrets are hidden in simply sitting still.” — Karlfried Graf Dürckheim A few weeks ago, my good friend Walt recommended Hara: The Vital Center of Man by the German diplomat, psychotherapist, and Zen master, […]

Andrew Wyeth, "Off at Sea," 1972.


The sun returns, pushing away the grey sky in forgiveness painted blue. Long shadows appear over the deck and the green of a small ficus tree is illuminated. The wind that rattled the stray beer […]

Mark Rothko, Black on Dark Sienna on Purple, 1960


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to see the Abstract Expressionist show at the Art Gallery of Ontario here in Toronto. The highlights for me were the shadowy hues of rich purple and maroon […]

Jeanne de Salzmann

Without Beginning Or End

For thousand of years the human brain has been conditioned to act from the center to the periphery and from the periphery to the center by a continuous movement, going out and coming back. How […]

To Be Bothered

To Be Bothered

What does it mean to live within, and how do we approach this in the midst of the movement of life? What is taking place in me now within this vessel? Are there tensions in […]



Here is a remarkable clip of a Zen Monk from the Documentary “Baraka” released in 1991. What is it in us that can perceive stillness or silence, particularly in the midst of activity?


Something Else

  When the mind is very quiet, completely still, when there is not a movement of thought and therefore no experience, no observer, then that very stillness has its own creative understanding. In that stillness […]

Gentry Magazine Cover Issue 11

William Segal, Gentry

William Segal embodied a threefold life, that of a relentless spiritual seeker, an artist and a successful entrepreneur. In the 1950’s he published an exceptional men’s magazine called Gentry. The magazines were super-expensive to produce […]