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PHOTOGRAPH: Loretto Maryholme Spirituality and Retreat Centre, Roches Point, March, 2012

Saint Julian Press

I am delighted to announce that Saint Julian Press has published a poem I wrote titled “Preparation” on their website Saint Julian Press is a new nonprofit imprint whose mission is to identify, nurture, and […]

Edward Steichen, "Eva,"

Below the Surface

There are moments where I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like a complete stranger. All the things I normally feel compelled to do: check my emails, surf the internet, have a […]

The León Cathedral, León, Spain.

As Above, So Below

I am sitting in the silent whisper of a vaulted cathedral. The noise of my own mind is all that there appears to be. Once in a while, tourist’s footsteps can be heard echoing through […]

Meneer de Braker | Rainy Buddha

I Heart Meditation (Alive Magazine, June 2009)

The practice of meditation bestows a myriad of health benefits including increased concentration and a general feeling of well-being. But undoubtedly one of the most important benefits is reduced stress and improved heart health. Heart […]


Commit to Sit

As modern life becomes increasingly more stressful, it seems there is never enough time for all we need to do. So the idea of carving out more time for a commitment to sit–and meditate–may seem […]

Luke Storms, Ghat Life," Varanasi, India

Immersed in the Sacred: Varanasi, India

In an antique train overcrowded with weary passengers we arrive at Mughal Sarai Railway Station in Varanasi. The world outside the barred window of the train throbs with passengers and porters with suitcases piled on […]

The Science Behind Meditation

The Science Behind Meditation

Beep!…Beep!…Beep!… The alarm goes off, and my mind automatically kicks in with its incessant ritual chatter: I start to imagine yet another demanding day of work, the thoughts churning up those two dubious and all-too-human […]

Approaching Meditation

Approaching Meditation

People who meditate have long known that this practice is beneficial for maintaining health and calmness of mind. Research confirms that meditation lowers blood pressure, enhances the immune system, promotes a deeper more restful sleep […]