PHOTOGRAPH: Loretto Maryholme Spirituality and Retreat Centre, Roches Point, March, 2012

Saint Julian Press

I am delighted to announce that Saint Julian Press has published a poem I wrote titled “Preparation” on their website Saint Julian Press is a new nonprofit imprint whose mission is to identify, nurture, and […]

Andrew Wyeth, "Off at Sea," 1972.


The sun returns, pushing away the grey sky in forgiveness painted blue. Long shadows appear over the deck and the green of a small ficus tree is illuminated. The wind that rattled the stray beer […]

The Empty Page

The Empty Page

Dropping the anchor, To try to find the middle ground. Down into the “I don’t know” rather than the forms. There is a hesitation. In the chest, a question is uncovered. Is it true? Grounded […]

Minor White, Windowsill Daydreaming, Rochester, New York, 1958.

The Moment

Oh, the coming-out-of-nowhere moment when,  nothing happens no what-have-I-to-do-today-list maybe  half a moment the rush of traffic stops. The whir of I should be, I should be, I should be slows to silence, the white […]

Edward Steichen, “Miss Sousa (The Blue Sky),” 1933,

I Have News For You

There are people who do not see a broken playground swing as a symbol of ruined childhood and there are people who don’t interpret the behavior of a fly in a motel room as a […]

Agnes Martin, "This Rain," 1960 Oil on canvas, 70 x 70 inches from Zwirner and Wirth

Parable of the Equal Hearts

Once there were two lovers that had equal hearts. One would pursue one, the other would pursue the other. Then the angels looked down and said: “What a waste,” and made them perceive each other. […]