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A Good Question

A Good Question

A few days ago while driving around Toronto with a friend, we started a conversation about what books we’ve been reading lately. I remarked that the current theme of Parabola’s Winter issue: Many Paths, One […]

Andrew Wyeth, "Off at Sea," 1972.


The sun returns, pushing away the grey sky in forgiveness painted blue. Long shadows appear over the deck and the green of a small ficus tree is illuminated. The wind that rattled the stray beer […]

The Empty Page

The Empty Page

Dropping the anchor, To try to find the middle ground. Down into the “I don’t know” rather than the forms. There is a hesitation. In the chest, a question is uncovered. Is it true? Grounded […]

Mark Rothko, Black on Dark Sienna on Purple, 1960


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to see the Abstract Expressionist show at the Art Gallery of Ontario here in Toronto. The highlights for me were the shadowy hues of rich purple and maroon […]

To Be Bothered

To Be Bothered

What does it mean to live within, and how do we approach this in the midst of the movement of life? What is taking place in me now within this vessel? Are there tensions in […]

Jack Kerouac, "Face of the Buddha," Pencil on Paper, 1958?

Let It Rain

  Gurdjieff once said: “In the river of life suffering is not intentional. In conscious life suffering is intentional and of great value.” Setting all biases aside, I have been delving into the extraordinary Spring […]

Georgia O’Keefe, "New York with Moon," 1925

Unexpected Intrusions of Beauty

Andy Goldsworthy, a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist once said: “I find some of my new works disturbing, just as I find nature as a whole disturbing. The landscape is often perceived as pastoral, pretty, […]

Agnes Martin, "Falling Blue," 1969

A Wordless Shock

Author and painter, Agnes Martin wrote “When I think of art, I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye, it is in the mind.” She devoted her […]

Hans Kaden, "Path of Light," 1943.

Longing For the Stars

James Hollis, writer and Jungian analyst writes: “…the etymology of the word “desire” derives from the Latin desiderare,” “to long for,” derived from de sidere, “of the stars.” Is this the true place of desire? […]