Luke Storms is a the short story editor and digital director at Parabola magazine. He was born in the northern wilderness of Canada. When he was young, he used to think he could fly and practiced for hours by jumping off the picnic table in the backyard. He also use to build spaceships out of wood and scrap metal that his Dad had lying around and would sit in them for hours thinking that if only he believed hard enough they would fly. To this day he still hasn’t fully given up the idea that if you wish for something hard enough, it may open a door to the miraculous.

When he was a little older, he use to go public ice skating at the Memorial Arena in Belleville. “It was so cold,” he says, “that you could see everyone’s breath and the place smelled of stale sweat and hot chocolate.” He also fell down a lot because he never learned how to stop on skates and he still has a scar on his chin to this day.

He also investigates and engages in spiritual practices, like contemplation and awareness to re-member to return home and inhabit this mystery called life.

Currently, Luke lives and works within the incessant background hum of Toronto.

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Twitter: @lukestorms

Email: lukestorms@gmail.com