Kentarana Kamura, “Evening Wave,” 1927

Kentarana Kamura, Evening Wave, 1927

Something is always here that needs to be continually welcomed and respected. Each moment is an opportunity for a return to that which has no beginning and no end. Maybe for a moment or two, I am no longer simply a bag of skin and bones breathing in and out. Yes, something is here that is much larger than these thoughts and these emotions that are passing through me. I don’t need to store my belief in them. In this moment I can be free to accept what is, no longer thinking that “I can do.” It is done through me. For the moment, a cessation from wishing for people and things to be different. There’s a different attention, a different breath even, where a subtler body finds nourishment—it is filled with this attention. It is as though the body is actually a vessel for a small sun that can emanate with the sacred words, “I Am.” Everything unnecessary can fall away in order to simply Be.