Luke Storms

Hello from Toronto. I split my time designing and building websites for clients, writing, and acting as the Digital Director for Parabola Magazine. I am a published writer, and have 10 years’ experience in web development.

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Photograph by Lynn Friedman, Winter Walk

At the Dog Park

I took my parents’ dog, Jake out for a walk in the park this morning. The wind was cold, and the trees were icy and barren. Jake didn’t care how cold it was. Immediately, he shot like a […]

Film Still from Ikiru


Yesterday, as I was walking down Spadina Street here in Toronto to meet someone, something within me started noticing my thoughts. It was strange becoming aware of all these thoughts just a-thinking in me. It […]

Church Bells

Ring Them Bells

On December 31 at midnight, the New Year is welcomed in Japanese Buddhist Temples with 108 bell chimes …

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If you are looking to create a website or a blog, or to revitalize an existing one, contact me here to set up a free consultation via telephone or Skype. I am also a skilled, and experienced web consultant, coach, and collaborator.